Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) at UCSB

If you are using AWS (or want to start using AWS), you can link your AWS account to the UC/AWS agreement.   A primary benefit is that you personally are not entering an agreement with AWS for your use of AWS for UCSB.

There will be two ways to get billed for your AWS usage - Flex Card, Gateway PO.
For people who haven't created an AWS account yet, there is a two part process of activating your AWS account if you are using the GATEWAY PO system.  

In order to link your AWS account (12 digit ID number) to the UC/AWS agreement you need to do the following -

  1. Ensure that the email address for this account is bound to a UCSB email address (
  2. Send an email to AWS providing
    • Your Name
    • Your Department
    • Your email address linked to this AWS account
    • Your AWS account ID number (12 digit)
    • Your method of billing (if FlexCard, also provide the card holder's name or if GATEWAY, provide the PO number)
    • Your AWS experience level  (none, 1 year, 3 years, ...)

    3. Wait for a response (up to 2 business days), for confirmation that your account is now linked to the UC/AWS agreement.

Gateway PO process:

Create an AWS account, If you will be utilizing a PO, you can stop the registration process when you are prompted to provide credit card information. At this point, a 12-digit ID number will have been created, which you will need to capture and attach to the PO generated in Gateway. To view your AWS accouunt ID, log out and then log in. Select [your name] in the upper right-hand corner, then select [my account].

Each AWS account number is tied to a  single email. If the email you set up is tied to a specific person's account, that person will be responsible for transferring their root access ownership to the Department responsible for the AWS account, when leaving that Department. It is strongly suggested that Departments use a Departmental email that can easily be trasferred if the person who sets up the account moves to another department or leaves the University.

  1. Create a PO in Gateway for AWS (supplier name = Amazon Web Services Inc.).
  2. Send to COSL the PO number that was generated in Gateway and the AWS ID  number(along with other info).  
  3. AWS gets that and registers the account to have billing done differently.   
  4. After AWS finishes their part, the account gets activated by AWS for use. And an email is sent to the requestor that their account is now linked to the Enterprise contract.

With linking your AWS UCSB account to the UC/AWS agreement you get

You have access to account management and solution architects -- AWS staff who can assist with how to use AWS, and provide technical guidance on best practices.
Your vendor relationship falls under the University of California Terms & Conditions. This ensures that your agreement conforms to the UC Regents’ policies for procurement and business contracts, and reduces the financial risk to your department or division for agreements that are outside of Regental standing orders (especially with respect to third-party liability).

HIPPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA)

There is a BAA in place with AWS. In order to cover your location’s AWS accounts under the terms of the UC AWS Enterprise Agreement (EA) and HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), please follow the instructions found on the UCOP Website.

If you have questions about AWS, please contact our UC AWS Account Manager, Heather Matson.

If you are placing orders for Amazon merchandise (not web services) through UCSB's Procurement Gateway and have questions or problems, please contact Gateway Help.